Cloud Enhanced Embedded Devices

Kim Nyholm SL has a wide experience in development and deployment of embedded devices and can do

  • Device modifications to integrate to the cloud service
  • Data processing and storage in the cloud service
  • Html5 based web browser interfaces
  • Windows 10 .NET interfaces
  • Setting up tool chains for continues integration

What is Cloud Enhanced Embedded Devices?

Embedded devices are all over today. Embedded devices perform specific operations. Some examples are

  • A blood analyzer in a hospital
  • An engine controller in a ship
  • A robot arm in a manufacturing plant

The device itself may have a user interface and a data interface to connect to other devices or computers.

Today cloud technology opens for making the embedded devices simpler and at the same time adding features by moving data processing, storage and user interfaces out of the device.  Taking the blood analyzer mentioned before:

  • Store the raw measurements on cloud storage
  • Analyze the measurements with the newest algorithm
  • Look for historical trends
  • Show results on any web browser

Which cloud technology to use?

Cloud technology is matured and products are available from major players like:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform

Many organizations choose to run their own in-house cloud service.

The actual cloud service used depends on technological, economical and legal factors.

How does the user connect with the device?

Most cloud services offer a web interface to end-users. This ensures that the service is available on most platforms, e.g. smartphones, Windows and Mac.

For some applications where a web browser is not sufficient specific applications are done. Cloud services integrate easily with most platforms like Windows 10, Android, IOS and Linux.