I verify my development setup against the checklist below. When running the automatic install script, everything should be ok, but if I have tried some manual install to test something, this list gives a good clue, to find out what when wrong.

  1. I give the command “locale”, and it must not show the warning “locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory”
  2. vim, I create a new file and insert a line with a tab. Here I check that the tabstop is 2 spaces and trailing spaces marked with red.
  3. Apache
    I point my host browser to I get “Ubuntu Web Development Environtment”
  4. Ftp
    On the host I make a ftp connection to, I enter name ‘ada’ and password ‘Lovelace’ when prompted and do a ls /var
  5. MySQL
    In the vm ssh I do the command “mysql -u root -pLovelace”. This will take me to mysql interpreter. Here I can give any commands, e.g. check which databases I have with “show databases;”
    I point my host browser to This will show me the admin page, where I can log in with user ‘ada’ and password ‘Lovelace’
  7. Apache and clean urls
    I start the Drupal 8 installer. If clean urls is enabled I can install, otherwise I get an error message.
  8. I check my Drupal sites where I see the Drupal login page.
  9. I check my WordPress site where I see the WordPress installation wellcome screen at




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