Vanilla Backup and Restore

Vanilla is a simple to use and fast backup and restore program for Windows 10, which saves your data on the cloud services box and OneDrive, removable storage devices, network drives and local drives.

Install from Microsoft Store

I wrote it when I was unable to backup my picture library and video collection to box. The issues I experienced was:

  • box does not support files larger than 5 Gbytes
  • copying large file sets (e.g. more than 1000 files) frequently failed due to network errors
  • copying large files  (larger than 1 Gbytes)  frequently failed due to network errors

Vanilla is free and without any annoying ads.

  • Backup files of unlimited size. The limits of box (5GB) and OneDrive (10GB) does not apply.
  • Access box files without synching box folders to local storage.
  • Multiple copies of a file only takes storage space once in the archive.
  • Only changed files are added to the backup archive giving fast backups.
  • Abort a backup at any time. Files already uploaded to the archive are available for next backup.
  • More computers and folders can use the same archive for backup.
  • Data integrity is ensured using advanced cryptographic technology.
  • Unlimited number of files.
  • Size of backup only limited by available storage.
  • A backup operation may be cancelled while in progress. What have been added to the archive will be available for restore.
  • A restore operation may be cancelled while in progress. What have been restored is available for use and will also be skipped quickly if the restore is repeated later.
  • box service supported.
  • OneDrive service supported.
  • Cloud folders do not need to be synchronized to computer. No local space is required.



Having ideas or comments. Please let me know and send the mail to or drop a comment on this page.

4 thoughts on “Vanilla Backup and Restore

  1. Hi Steve
    You should be able to add Vanilla by its name to your organisations approved apps on in Admin console/Settings/Apps.

  2. I’d like to test this, but our environment is locked down to only approved apps. Any possibility you could drop me the clientID from the Box Developer App so it could be added to the included list of apps?


  3. Hi Ron

    1. Send log and if possible a screen dump to and I will look into what is wrong.
    2. The program is a standard store app and is uninstalled using “Add or remove programs”.


  4. Could not get program to work on my win 10. It just loops around without getting anywhere. Now it will not let me delete it without Administrator privilege but can not get it for this program. How can I
    1. Get it to work, or
    2. Get rid of it?

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