Universal Robots


The web based Robot Dashboard

With the Robot Dashboard (the link given only shows screens, robot control and monitoring is intentionally disabled with firewall) you can issue dashboard commands to your Universal Robots robots from any browser on Windows, Linux or Android or IOS. You are also able to see the state of all gobal variables and configurable and digital inputs and outputs .Certified by UR

To install the Robot dashboard on a real robot:

  1. download the URCap, using the link below
  2. copy the .urcap file to the /programs directory of the robot
  3. go into ‘Setup robot’ => ‘URCaps’ and install the URCap

Download URCap



Server platform: Robot controller CB1, software versions 3.4.0 or newer.

Network setup:

  • TCP ports 80, 3000 and 3001 must be opened, e.g. not blocked by firewalls

Supported robots: UR3, UR5 and UR10

Supported end user platforms: Web browsers with HTML5/javascript support on e.g. Windows, Linux, IOS and Android.

Recommended browsers and platforms:

  • Windows 10: Chrome and Internet Explorer
  • Android:  Chrome and Samsung Internet
  • IOS: Safari
  • Linux: Firefox

Development Services

Do you need your own features, a web service or an URCap for your robots, please contact us for more info.