Install Ubuntu

Now I have a fresh clean Ubuntu running and is ready to install the packages I use for development. My basic set of tools, apart from what is already included in Ubuntu server is:

  • p7zip for zip support
  • vim as editor
  • git for source code version control
  • vsftp as ftp server
  • Node.js for web applications
  • LAMP as web server
  • postfix to send mails
  • maven and Java SE Development Kit

Most often I do an automatic install with the script using scripts explained later. This gives me a fresh vm with all tools and 4 versions of Drupal installed. I have placed my scripts in the host directory for the vm (in this example ~/ts64-0816), which is accessible in the vm directory /vagrant.

Maven and and Java is not required for Drupal and Workpress, but included here for convenience since I use it for other tasks.

Here follows the explanation on how install packages and configure them in Ubuntu.

I am in the vm. I need to fix locale, vagrant ssh transfers the value of LC_CTYPE from the host to the guest. I set the LC_CTYPE=”en_US.UTF-8″. And for future sessions I add it to the end of /etc/default/locale.

I create the user ‘ada’ with password ‘Lovelace’,  sudo adduser ada, and add the user to the group www-data. You can use the same, or replace with any other. To prepare for package installation I do:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get –yes install p7zip-full
sudo apt-get –yes install git

Installation and configuration is described for the different applications below:

In the script I have assembled the commands to set locale, create the user ‘ada’ and install the packages I use for development.

Now I am ready to prepare drupal.

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