Cloud Connector

Connect your robot to the cloud

The Cloud Connector is an URCap made for Universal Robot robots. It makes it possible to publish and subscribe data from the robot to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and MQTT brokers.

Cloud Connector Installation Tab


To install the Cloud Connector on a robot:

  1. download the URCap, using the link below
  2. copy the .urcap file to the /programs directory of the robot
  3. go into ‘Setup robot’ => ‘URCaps’ and install the URCap

Download URCap


Cloud Connector Datasheet

Cloud Connector User Manual


The product license for an installation includes one year of support and updates and is priced 95 EUR.

The premium license adds on-line support to configure and test the Cloud Connector with a cloud service and is priced 145 EUR.

License type
Robot Serial Number

For evaluation you may use the software for a period of 30 days without a license.

For more options see the license page.